The Chapel Bridge (Joseph Clemens Kaufmann)

The Lucerne artist Joseph Clemens Kaufmann painted this picture for the Korporation der Stadt Luzern.
Until 1897 the Chapel Bridge led directly to the St. Peter's Chapel.

Die Kapellbr├╝cke
The Chapel Bridge - Joseph Clemens Kaufmann (1876-1926) - Wikimedia Commons

Around 1500 this was the only passage to get in or out of the city by boat. All the rest of the river was fortificated with palisade.
The Passage was guarded and equipped with portcullis.
Later the guardian’s pier was used by maids for washing.
You can see that also on the Martini plan.
In the years 1897-98 the Rathausquai street was built and the bridge got shortened by 18 meters.