The Grendel (Xaver Schwegler)

The painting "The Grendel" shows the flooded Grendel in 1846. Xaver Schwegler (1832-1902) painted the art piece much later according to his father's (Jakob Schwegler 1793-1866) original.

The Grendel, Xaver Schwegler (1832-1902) - Wikimedia

Up to the 16th century, a moat filled with lake water led from the Grendel to the Lowengraben to the Muhlenplatz and the river Reuss. After the construction of the Musegg wall the Lowengraben was filled up. But the Grendel, as you can see it on the picture, remained as a moat until 1819. 

In the front left you can see a boat with the boatman and two passengers. In the middle of the scene, three children play on a raft. In front of the the Lederturm (Leather Tower) strong men pull a black carriage into the dry, while on the right bank three bystanders watch this happen. The Lederturm served as a prison and was demolished in 1848.