Rathaus and Pfistern by Ulrich Gutersohn (painting)

The windows of the houses are decorated with geraniums. The trees bear light green leaves. It could be early summer. You can see the colorful market among the arcades and the naves in the river. So it must be Tuesday or Saturday. Because these are the two market days in Lucerne, for centuries.
The Rathausbr├╝cke bridge, which was built in 1899, is missing on the picture.

Rathaus and Pfistern, Ulrich Gutersohn - Wikimedia
The town hall, which was built in 1606, shines in the morning sun. The building style of the house is special. While the roof reminds to an Emmental farmhouse, the stone work is Late Renaissance. Also the Rathausturm tower unites various styles and is partly much older than the town hall.

The guild house of the Pfistern (bakers), in the picture on the left, was built in 1578 on the walls of the predecessor house that the bakers had already bought 1408.

The house adjoining to the town hall is the Am Rhyn house. In the background on the left you can see two of the Musegg wall Towers. The Restaurant Pfistern and also the The Restaurant Raben beside it (now Brasserie Bodu) already had terraces.

Ulrich Gutersohn was born in Frauenfeld in 1862, studied at the Royal-Bavarian School of Art in Munich. He then traveled to Italy and studied in Florence, Rome and Naples. In 1885 the then 23 year old was elected by the city council as a drawing teacher of the boys' school. The popular and versatile artist practiced as a drawing teacher until his retirement in 1923. Ulrich Gutersohn died in 1946 in Lucerne.

Rathaus and Pfistern, May 2015