Right river bank with City Hall (Joseph Clemens Kaufmann)

Rechtes Reussufer mit Rathaus
Right river bank with City Hall (Joseph Clemens Kaufmann) - Wikimedia Commons

This piece of art was painted by Joseph Clemens Kaufmann in 1901.
The artist was born 1867 in Horw (near Lucerne). He studied Art in Geneva and Paris and run a painter's studio in Lucerne. He also specialized in haunting and military paintings. 1916 he moved to Zurich, where he lived until his death 1926.

The "Right river bank with City Hall" was an order of the Korporation der Stadt Luzern. The artist was asked to paint the way it looked before the Rathaus Bridge and the Rathaus Quai were built, and so he did.

In the middle of the painting you see the Town Hall and the Tower. They were built in the early 17th Century. All the stone works of the town hall were manufactured by Italian masters and their crews in the style of the Renaissance. However the roof is typically swiss, actually bernese.
The Tower was there long before, but it was not that high. It was enlarged several times and got a red roof with a look-out and four oriels, from where tower guardians had to watch out to detect a possible fire.

On the river you see merchant boats and underneath the arcades of the town hall you see a colorful market. So it must be Tuesday or Saturday morning, because these are the days of the market in Lucerne, almost since ever.