Long-distance bus routes to Lucerne

Since 6 April 2017, Lucerne has been connected to the Flixbus bus network. This allows low-cost bus travel from Germany directly to Lucerne and soon also from Italy.

Direct long-distance bus connections to Lucerne:
Freiburg - Lucerne (travel time 3:35hrs)
Karlsruhe - Lucerne (5:30hrs)
Heidelberg - Lucerne (6:10hrs)
Mannheim - Lucerne (6:35hrs)
Darmstadt - Lucerne (7:25hrs)
Frankfurt - Lucerne (8:05hrs)
Göttingen - Lucerne (11:05hrs)
Hannover - Lucerne (12:40hrs)
Hamburg - Lucerne (14:50hrs)
Kiel - Lucerne (16:40hrs)

Connecting bus routes to Lucerne:
Amsterdam - Lucerne
Cologne - Lucerne
Münster - Lucerne

New connections from summer 2017:
Stuttgart - Lucerne
Milan - Lucerne